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We are Don’t Sweat It

Staying fit is the new black – when working out, you always try to make your own training experience as enjoyable and profitable as possible. When training with headphones you are both cancelling out all unnecessary noise, and you get a much better sound experience for when the beat of that favorite tune of yours drops. 

But you might also have experienced that within minutes your headphones are soaked in sweat, which ruins your focus. 


Don’t Sweat It headphone covers are the answer to getting through a sweaty and tiring workout, without having to go through any trouble, cleaning your headphones during, or after your workout.  
Simply just add your Don’t Sweat It covers to your Headphones and go get busy. 


I, Henrik Wolmer Stilling, created this product simply to enhance and improve my own training experience – but after short amount of time, only by wearing the covers in my local gym, I started to get request about the covers, which initially became the start of Don’t Sweat It


Made by fitness enthusiasts to give YOU the best training experience EVERY time. 


Don’t sweat it!

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Don’t sweat it
CEO: Henrik Wolmer Stilling
Nordfeldvej 17, 3 tv.
2700 Brønshøj
CVR-nummer: 39816296

Tlf: +45 29 21 65 58